By recycling your device, you are contributing to the protection of the environment. By promoting recycling, we limit the use of raw materials for the manufacture of new devices, which in turn saves energy, and reduces CO2 emissions. What’s more, it prevents devices ending up in a landfill which could in time, leak and poison the enviroment.

Benefits such as exclusive competitions, promotions and product discounts (on data, new phones, tablet and other tech) are only available to our members.

Working, not working, water damaged and obsolete phones do have a value. From not poisoning our enviroment to reclaiming the materials used to manufacture it, every phone deserves to be recycled.

The current [me]Credit value of items is updated monthly and can be viewed on our rewards page

Yes. We accept working or not working items for recycling.

The cost of repairing a water damaged phone is typically more than the direct replacement cost. Please indicate that your mobile devices has been damaged by water when donating it for recycling. You will still receive the same amount of [me]Credits as if it was working.

When you complete the recycle form, please indicate the condition of your device:

  •    The phone has its battery
  •    The phone can be turned on and off
  •    The LCD screen works / doesn't work
  •    For smartphones, the touch screen is damaged or not


"Non-working" is a mobile device that fails to meet one or more of the working conditions specified above.

As many phones as you would like. There are no limits. Each item donated for recycling will earn reward credits which will be added to your membership account.

The make and model is usually printed on the mobile device itself, on a label that can be seen once you remove the battery OR on the original packaging. Certain devices such as the iPhone have these details printed on the back surface

This is a unique identity number given to each phone and is displayed as a 15 digit code. If your device is working, dial *#06#. If your device is not working, the IMEI will be printed on the back of the phone (remove the battery) or on the original packaging.

Rewards4eWaste is legally compelled to issue a certificate of recycling and to adhere to international standards. We do not accespt stolen handsets for recycling. We therefore must check every devices donated on the global IMEI list, to ensure that the device is not stolen.

No. Rewards4eWaste is linked to the Transunion database and a check is done to confirm that the mobile device has not been blacklisted

Your mobile device, its battery, any accessories and packaging.

Please delete all the data contained on your mobile device before handing it over the courier or dropping it in the collection box. This includes email, text, documents, photos, games, apps, songs, contacts and any other personal information. Once a device arrives at our facility, the data is securely wiped and is not recoverable.

Items that you wish to recycle maybe dropped off at:


We endeavor to process all phones that come to our facility in the shortest time period. Collection boxes are picked up once a week. We will email you a confirmation as soon as the item(s) are registered as "processing" in our system.

If for any reason you have not received confirmation of processing within 10 working days, contact us. You can also call or Whatsapp us on 074 966 1177

NOTE: Please check your "junk mail / spam" folder for Rewards4eWaste emails that may have erroneously been marked as spam

The stipulated credit for your eWaste as indicated on our rewards page, will be loaded within 24 hours after receiving your eWaste (within a maximum of 10 working days from collection).

In the unlikely event that the items are lost, Rewards4eWaste is responsible for the loss and will pay the full amount of reward credits as agreed upon

You will receive the following notifications:

  •    An acknowledgment email once your ewaste arrives at the our facility
  •    A notification via email or Whatsapp once your [me]Credits have been loaded.
  •    View your account and credits


eWaste donated to this program are sent to the our processing facility where they are checked to confirm make, model and condition (working or not working). Shipping and processing normally takes 3 to 5 days. This may be delayed due to logistical complications. [me]Credit points for our reward challenges (Competitions, events, drop offs at collection boxes etc) are added to your "available funds" tab on your profile page. You can access your account here, at any time, to check the status of your transaction