About Us

Our Birthday!

A tale of mystery, frustration and determination

The incident:
Back in 2015, I walked into a mobile repair store to replace a Blackberry battery. When I enquired as to what happens to the old battery as I had quite a few at home, I was told its "thrown into the bin". That just didn't seem right, so I left with a new battery; and the old one to add to my collection.

The search:
Using my trusty Blackberry, I searched to find a responsible disposal method for old non-working batteries. Google gave me limited options too far from home, asking friends and family didn't help. The more I searched, the more apparent the need for convenient recycling locations in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town became.

The Answer:
Rewards4ewaste is a people driven approach to recycling in the communities that need it most. Our aim is to educate the public about eWaste and it's dangers; provide responsible recycling methods; and incentivize their recycling efforts.

This initiative focuses on the safe and legal recycling of mobile devices and it's accessories at public events and a network of collection boxes hosted at retail and/ or repair stores. Our members are rewarded for their recycling efforts with the latest info regarding ewaste, competitions, discount coupons on new devices/ accessories etc. 

I hope you enjoy using this website and our services. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to make the process as painless as possible.

First step: What the community thinks

Our volunteers received skills development and training

We surveyed 800 people in the Mitchell's Plain area about eWaste and it's dangers. For completing the survey, the public was rewarded with a lollipop. Most people had the same question, "Where can we recycle eWaste in our community?". I must send out a special thank you to all these kind participants for their support and suggestions.

Safe & Legal recycling guarantee

To ensure all eWaste is legally recycled, we've undertaken the following steps to enusure legal compliance:

Proof of Concept, West Gate Mall

Thank you to the members that recycled their old cellphones

Our first retail mall collection event was held at West Gate Mall, Mitchell's Plain. The 3 hour event was education driven and focused on the 12 to 18 year old age group, although we received great interest from a wider age group. Total assets recycled at the event included laptops, mobile phones, accessories (including batteries and chargers).

Doing great, by doing good.

Handing over of refurbished mobile phones to the Saartjie Baartman Center

We refurbished 6 handsets, of which: 

  •   3 Handsets were donated to Saartjie Baartman Centre
  •   Handset donated to elderly member (Westridge Community, MP)
  •   2 Handsets will receive new homes soon.

2015, Year in Review

eWaste included laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, legacy phones, components and a DiscMan!

Driven by the enthusiasm of our volunteers and supporters, in our test phase of three (3) months, we managed to reach the following targets:

  •   492 Items collected
  •   52 Rewards distributed
  •   9 Youths trained & employed
  •   Gender: Female (7) and Male(2)

Wow! We are now part of SAEWA

Turning eWaste into opportunity with the South African EWaste Alliance

Rewards4eWaste officially becomes an affiliate member of the South African Ewaste Alliance. With the industry bodies support, skills and training; we aim to become Cape Town's number 1 mobile phone recycler. Well done Team R4E!

City of Cape Town Accreditation

City of Cape Town Logo 2017

In terms of the City of Cape Town's Integrated Waste Management By-Law of 2009, and engaging with the City since September 2015, Rewards4eWaste formally submitted its accreditation application and supporting documents on the 31st March 2017. The outcome is currently pending as of the 3rd August 2017.

BETA testing

Educating the young today, will foster better care of the environment tomorrow

Testing of our online recycling CMS to provide a superior service to our rewards members....

Meet the Team

The founder and ceo, MJ van Driel
About MJ van Driel - Founder & CEO 

Born and raised in Cape Town, often described as introverted, analytical thinker and focused. Dabbles in mobile tech, IT, 3D printing, web design. Focused on making a difference in protecting the environment and providing quality service.
... can't say no to chocolate cupcakes!


  •   BA Law (UWC)
  •   Achiever's School of Business
  •   ICDL MS Office
  •   ICDL Windows
  •   BandWidth Barn SME development
  •   ProductivitySA SMME training
  •   TEP Customer First training


Work experience
  •   1992-2001
    Student, Global travel, Sales/ Marketing
  •   2001-2004
    League Info Services IT
  •   2004-07
    Cell C Stores, Operations
  •   2007-10
    Cell C Franchise, BDO
  •   2010-Current
    Squaremobile, CEO
  •   2015-Current
    Rewards4eWaste, CEO
  •   2017-Future
    Recycling 1 million mobile phones
Front Office Cam
A Manager- Front Office CAM

Our Customer Experience Manager ensures that our customers receive the highest quality service.

My view on (me)Waste:
Etc etc etc


Back Office Cam
B Manager- 23 Yrs old

Our technical officer and resident IT Guru. Ensures that everything works.

My view on (me)Waste:
Etc etc etc


persona, our first volunteer
Person A - 19 Yrs old

Our first volunteer, received soft skills training and attended an "Inspiration Workshop" hosted by a female professional in the global airlines industry.

My view on (me)Waste:
Etc etc etc


personb, our first volunteer
Person B - 23 Yrs old

Our first volunteer, received soft skills training and attended an "Inspiration Workshop" hosted by a female professional in the global airlines industry.

My view on (me)Waste:
Etc etc etc


personc, our first volunteer
Person C - 24 Yrs old

Our first volunteer, received soft skills training and attended an "Inspiration Workshop" hosted by a female professional in the global airlines industry.

My view on (me)Waste:
Etc etc etc