Collection boxes

AtekT1 smartphone

Increase the recycling rate

In South Africa, only 1 in 10 handset is properly recycled. One of the reasons is a lack of (m)eWaste collection points, especially in the less affluent communities on the Cape Flats. By increasing the recycling rate, we prevent damage to the environment and people in our communities.


Repair stores

We've partnered with local repair stores to host (m)eWaste collection boxes in various communities, allowing our members conveniently recycle their (m)eWaste and get [me]Credits. These repair stores also use our collection boxes to recycle their (m)eWaste responsibly. These small steps create BIG changes!


Data protection


  •   Back up data (PC, SD card, USBotg)
  •   Remove SD (memory) card
  •   Remove Sim card
  •   Encrypt your device
  •   Delete your info / Factory reset
  •   Your device is ready for recycling
  •   Need help? You can contact us here

Use collection boxes for [me]Credits


Visit box location:

Visit a collection box location with your (m)eWaste sealed in a clear plastic bag. Each box has a unique ID number on the lid.

  View boxes on Google Maps

Capture a pic of your recycling items

Capture recycling info:

Place your (m)eWaste next to the number on the lid and take a pic; then drop the bag and (m)eWaste into the box.

  Call customer support

Claim your [me]Credits via Whatsapp or Facebook

Claim your [me]Credits:

WhatsApp the pic to 0749661177 or post to our FB page using the hashtag #[me]Credit.  [me]Credits  loaded in 24 hours.