Recycling at Malls

(m)eWaste recycling events in Cape Town

 Why the Mall

Together with our partners, we host recycling events at different malls on consecutive months. This is an opportunity to bring along the entire family and learn more about mobile eWaste (m)eWaste. Different types of entertainment is available for every age group.


 Meet the Team

Meet the recycling team of interns, volunteers and management. Have a one-on-one discussion about recycling, (m)eWaste and how we can assist you. Need some technical assistance? No problem, we are trained to provide network and device support.



Don't forget to bring along your (m)eWaste to recycle. Members receive immediate [me}Credits for recycling old / broken mobile phones, accessories and other Lithium Ion batteries. We ensure all (m)eWaste is safely and responsibly recycled.


 Spark Curiousity & Learn

Have you ever wondered how mobile phones and other gadgets work? Bring the kids and together, learn more about how the latest mobile technology works (from touch screens to Wi-Fi and everything inbetween). Inspiring young minds to develop the future.


 Redeem & Collect rewards

Members can instantly redeem their [me]Credits on any available product at our recycling mall events. Members who have pre-ordered their rewards / products can collect their rewards at our recycling mall events at the Very Important Person (VIP) counter.


 Test drive

What if you could test drive the latest mobile phones, tablets and accessories before you bought them? Luckily, you can now test drive & check out the quality of the camera or the clarity of the newest touch screens.


 Mobile Museum 

Ever heard of the indestructible Nokia 3310? Or the candy pink Ericcson T28 with a fold out flap? Our mobile museum highlights the development of mobile technology in South Africa from the early 1990's to the latest VR Headsets.




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